We have a brand new addition to our family. World, meet Rory!
But, shhh… Rory is sleeeeeping!!!

Why'd you wake me?
Did the camera’s shutter wake you? SORRRRYYYY!!

Who, me?
Hi Rory! It’s me, Auntie Irmy!!


1 Photo

I opened a package at home, and guess what i found!
a tiny Dodgers Fan!!

My blog updates are coming along slowly… but as long as I’m updating, I think that’s good.

Weekend Photos

Updating my blog with photos from the weekend.
HermosaLots of white space. I like it.

HOTS burgerI thought this burger was going to be bigger until I remembered the waitress saying that it was “slightly larger than a slider.” what she didn’t say was, “It’s also more expensive.”

Squeezing InI wanted to squeeze my bike in there. Her name is 3.1415962… or “Pi” for short.
Do you know which one she is?

IMG_1251 copyI’ve seen it time & time again- photographers posting photos where they take one and attach it next to a block of color. I’m going to do it to some of my photos from now on. I’m warning you all now…

Hooligans!!At Home Depot Center. I love that place.
What you don’t see in this photo is the soccer ball that whizzed by these kids.
I love the look of excitement on kids’ faces.

Pirate 'Phia!Happy 3rd Birthday to our Dearest (Pirate) ‘Phia!
I wanted to keep the smidgen of chocolate on her face.

Until my next update…

Back for 2013

It’s been a year since I last posted anything. Time sure flies! My last post was on my newly born niece. Almost one year later and she’s bigger… faster… and so cute!
i love her 🙂

Little One

After 41 (not 40) weeks of pregnancy, my sister had her first baby. Here’s dad, Jack & our teeny tiny toodles, Sydney.

Dad :)❤ ❤ ❤


Last year, I thought about what I wanted to write or take pictures of for 2012. I decided I’d use different formats for 2012, meaning using film- 35mm, 120mm (maybe) and instant. I like instant photos. Here are a few- one from each past week of January.

Week 01
Happy Birthday!

Week 02
Mafia Girls

Week 03

2 Pictures, 6 Friends

Hi Guys,
Happy New Year! It’s been such a long time since I’ve last posted. I’d like to get back into taking pictures and also blogging in 2012. 2011 was kinda rough for me. The past is the past and we move forward. 🙂

WAAAY last year, I snapped this photo of my pals J & Mary while hanging out with them somewhere in the South Bay.
J and Mary are one of my favorite couples to hang out with. J always has the witty puns and Mary always tells him they’re corny. They make me laugh so much. They’re so cute together. 🙂

I met these two at my office waay waay back in the day. If you go to earlier posts (sometime in 2009) you’ll see a post from their wedding. Time has flown by and now they are expecting their first child.
Mel and John are a few of my closest friends. I often realize how much I miss them when I remember all the fun times we had at the office. But now i just visit them at their house. I’ll probably pop by in a few weeks to go swimming. Cali-winter weather and all. 🙂

I’ll be back next week with a few scanned photos. Stay tuned, please… haha

And So It Ends

And so, finally, we arrive at my last destination. Italia!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… all the answers to your questions are: YES!
Yes, I went on a gondola ride.
Yes, I saw the Leaning Tower of Pizza.
Yes, I went to the Vatican.
Yes, I saw the Colosseum.
Yes, I threw money into the Trevi Fountain. (I think it went in)
Yes, I saw the Sixteen Chapels. 🙂

But if you haven’t noticed, I hardly show photos of buildings and landscape. It’s mostly people. I’m more drawn to people and their faces. So, bear (or is it ‘bare’) with me as I show photos of people I encountered in Italy.

Street ItalyI love the bus (and public transportation). You never know who will be sitting by you. This was on the bus ride to Venice. She’s so happy with her baby! Cute! Did you notice the baby? I hope so…

Street Italy“That’s amore!”
Actually, we went on a non-singing gondola ride.

Street ItalyNo, this kid isn’t blind or handicapped in any way. He just blinked as I snapped the shutter. I liked the lightning of the photo (when it was in color) so I wanted to post it. He was just drawing on the sidewalk.

Street ItalyYes, this is like the zillionth photo of an old person. But there’s something about wrinkles on a person that draws me to them. Much, much older people who have very defined wrinkles are interesting to me. People who have little wrinkles- not so much.

Street ItalyIt rained while we were in Florence. We were strolling through the Leather Market when the thunder started booming and then the rain started falling. My mom always carries an umbrella with her, rain or shine, so we were cool.

Street ItalyShe really likes selling produce.
We hopped into the mercantile to avoid some of the rain.
When you go to Italy and IF you choose to do some farmers marketing, you do NOT touch the produce. You ask THEM to touch the food. It’s standard etiquette over there.

Street ItalyHow much time do I have?
Rome (and Venice) is all about time. Everyone’s always rushing to get from one place to another. It’s like NYC. I love NYC.

Two-plus weeks of my life was spent on planes, trains, buses and automobiles. I had to pack and re-pack, going from hotel to hotel to hotel. I walked all over the place. I had to wake up early but sleep late. Between delayed flights and 9+ hours of travel time on some days, I was exhausted. Would I have traded it for sleep and rest? NOT A CHANCE.

I really hope you all enjoyed the pictures I’ve posted over the last 5 days.

From the bottom of my heart, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado and Grazie to all the people who let me photograph them, and to those who had no idea I was.

And thank YOU to all those who take the time to visit my blog. 🙂


That mean’s “Thank You” in Portuguese.
Yes, my friends, I went to Portugal, the city of Fatima to be exact. What was in Fatima? If you’re interested in doing a little bit of reading, you can click here

Outside of Fatima, is a little city called Nazerene. Here are some of the people who live there!
Street PortugalShe sells nuts.
All I wanted was a photo of her, but she started pouring nuts in a bag. As I was giving her a euro, she started pouring more and made me pay 2 Euro. I laugh now, but felt exhausted as I was trying to say, “no, no, just a little bit please.”

Street PortugalNot the lady walking… the dog!
No one ever made a rule that said street photos have to be about people. hehe

Street PortugalI don’t think she has teeth. But I love the wrinkles. You’ll notice that in the above 2 photos, the ladies are both wearing all black. In the Nazarene culture, when someone you love dies and you’re a woman, you wear black… FOR-EVERRRRRR.

Street PortugalOh, man. The first time I saw this guy i KNEW i had to take his photo. He was our bus driver, Roy.
Obrigado, my friend. You took us safely from France to Espana and finally to Portugal.
What facial/body characteristics make him a memorable person? 🙂

The last 2 shots look down from Nazerene to some city (I can’t remember anymore) in Portugal. I made them kinda/sorta draw-y/postcard-y.
Street PortugalYay for Photoshop!

Street PortugalI called to my friend, Frank, “How’s the view?” as i was walking up to get ready to take a photo. He yelled back, “ITS BEAUTIFUL!”
What do you guys think?

It’s not over yet, friends. There’s still one more major stop along my trip. Any guesses?
Stay tuned!

J’aime la France

That means “I Love France” in… French!
I had a wonderful time in France and stayed in 2 different cities: Paris & Lourdes. If you’re not familiar with Lourdes, it is in the south of France. I promised myself that I would visit Lourdes again.

Here are some photos from the 2 cities.
Street FranceWhen I read a book oh street photography, the author had this great photo of this man reading the newspaper. Here’s mines. I wish i was actually closer, but I don’t wanna be too obtrusive when it comes to photos and other people’s person space.

Street FranceI like people who smile.

Street FranceSouvenir Stand.

Street FranceI like this photo of the Eiffel Tower because its not the normal, entire tower. I hope you like it, too.

Street FranceHey, kid. Awesome job with the skateboard.
I like how he’s looking directly at me, and his hair over his eyes. I took this in Republique. A city outside of Paris, if i’m not mistaken. I’ve never been very good at geography.

Okay, so lets move to the south of France. Here are a few shots from Lourdes.
Street FranceIt was cold and rainy the night we got to Lourdes.
This was taken the following morning– while the city was still asleep. I was on the balcony at the basilica in Lourdes.

Street FranceIf you don’t know the story of Lourdes, you can click here. This city if filled with people who are sick, hoping and praying to get cured. Women like the ones photographed volunteer to help the sick. Yes, I want to go back to Lourdes one day.

One more photo-
Street FranceYeah, its not black and white. But I think this photo looks great with this filter applied to it. Its my “fashion magazine” shot. I was still in Paris when I took this.
I like this photo. Period.